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Templates are a great way to get started when using GameSalad Creator. These templates contain some of the fundamental concepts that are applicable to many different types of projects. Some even have notes that explain the rules in detail.

Below you will find links to some of the common templates that can be found in the Mac version of Creator

Alien Conquerors - An alien invasion game. Protect your world!  

Basic Shoot Em Up - Shoot anything that moves. You're indestructible!

Crazy Ball Wall Breaker Template - A game not unlike --perhaps bordering on flattery of - Breakout!

Official Cross-Platform Controller Template - This is the OFFICIAL cross-platform controller template built from the ground up to be ready to fully support touch screen inputs as well as keyboard inputs all within the same actors. By using the contents of this template you will be able to better prepare your game to reach the maximum number of players across all supported platforms. Certified HTML5 Ready!

How to use these templates

First, choose the template you want to use! Click on the link and you will download the compressed (.zip) file.
Double-click on the .zip file to open it and drag the .gameproj file to your desktop.
Next open GameSalad Creator and load the template. Click File->Open and navigate to the .gameproj folder.
Open that folder and double-click the game project file inside. This will load the template and you can begin to edit.